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Subsidies for Electric Bikes and Scooters in France: A Complete Guide

Subsidies for Electric Bikes and Scooters in France: A Complete Guide

Subsidies for Electric Bikes and Scooters in France

The French government has made significant progress to promote sustainable transport by implementing subsidies for electric bicycles and scooters. Since the launch of this initiative in January 2022, there has been a notable increase in sales of electric bikes and scooters, reflecting a growing interest in environmentally friendly modes of transport. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the intricacies of the grant program, examining the amounts offered, eligibility criteria, and the application process. Additionally, we will discuss the extension of the subsidy policy until 2024.

I. Grant Amounts

A. Electric Bikes

For the majority of citizens, the subsidy amounts to 40% of the purchase price of an electric bike, capped at €3,000. This financial incentive aims to make electric bikes more accessible and affordable, encouraging individuals to adopt a more environmentally friendly mode of travel.

B. Electric Scooters

Similar to electric bikes, the subsidy for electric scooters is 40% of the purchase price, with a maximum limit of €500. This provision aims to encourage the adoption of electric scooters as a practical and sustainable means of urban transport.

II. Subsidies for People with Disabilities

A. Electric Bikes

People with disabilities can benefit from an additional grant of €400 for e-bikes, bringing the total grant amount to €3,400. Proof of disability is required to access this additional financial support.

B. Electric Scooters

For electric scooters, people with disabilities can receive an additional grant of €200, bringing the total grant amount to €700. As with electric bikes, a valid disability certificate is required to obtain this additional subsidy.

III. Subsidies for Low-Income Households

Residents whose annual family income is less than €6,358 can benefit from an additional subsidy of €150. This financial support applies exclusively to the purchase of electric bicycles and scooters that comply with the standards of the French Ministry of Transport.

IV. Eligibility Criteria for Grant Application

To be eligible for the grant program, individuals must meet the following criteria:

A. Residence

Applicants must be residents of France, ensuring that the grants help encourage sustainable transport in the country.

B. Age Requirement

Those applying for the grant must be at least 18 years old, establishing a minimum age criterion to access financial incentives.

C. Compliance with Ministry of Transport Standards

Electric Bikes

- The motor power must not exceed 250 watts.
- The maximum engine speed must not exceed 25 km/h.
- Electric bicycles must have pedals capable of independently propelling the bicycle.

Electric Scooters

- The motor power must not exceed 250 watts.
- The maximum engine speed must not exceed 25 km/h.
- Electric scooters must be equipped with a braking system with a stopping distance not exceeding 4 meters.
- A lighting system, including front headlights, rear lights and brake lights, is mandatory.
- Electric scooters must have a buzzer or bell, and must be equipped with a seat belt or other qualified safety device.

Additional Criteria for Electric Scooters

- Their dimensions must not exceed 1.20 meters long, 0.70 meters wide and 0.90 meters high.
- Their empty weight must not exceed 20 kilograms.
- Battery capacity must not exceed 1.5 kilowatt-hours.
- Electric scooters complying with these standards will carry the "CE" logo, indicating that they comply with European Union standards.

V. Additional Grant Rules

A. Applicability to New Products

The subsidies apply exclusively to the purchase of new electric bicycles and scooters, thus encouraging the acquisition of products that meet the most recent standards in terms of durability and safety.

B. Non-Commercial Use

Grants are not available for the purchase of electric bikes and scooters used for commercial purposes, highlighting the program's focus on the needs of individuals.

C. Request Deadline

Applicants must submit their grant application to the French Ministry of the Environment within 30 days of purchasing the electric bike or scooter, ensuring an efficient application process.

VI. Additional Points to Note

A. Regional Variation

The amount of subsidies may vary depending on the region in which the bicycle or electric scooter is purchased, reflecting regional specificities in terms of transport.

B. Regional Additional Subsidies

Some regions offer additional grants, reinforcing local authorities' commitment to promoting sustainable transport

VII. Application Process

Applicants have the choice of two methods to submit their grant application:

A. Postal Submission

Postal requests should be sent to the following address:

Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)
13, rue de l’Aqueduc
75007 Paris

B. Online Request

Online applications can be made on the official ADEME website, providing applicants with a convenient option to submit their application.

VIII. Examination of the Application

ADEME will carefully examine each request, carrying out a careful verification of the conformity of the bicycle or electric scooter with established standards. Additionally, the applicant's eligibility will also be assessed.

IX. Payment of the Grant

Once the application review is approved, the grant amount will be directly credited to the applicant's bank account, ensuring rapid and efficient implementation of financial incentives.

X. Extension of the Grant

The French government recently announced the extension of the subsidy policy for electric bicycles and scooters until 2024, demonstrating its continued commitment to promoting sustainable transport.

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